Vintage Bedside Table Lamps

If you like to buy antiques and vintage looking items for your home's decor then why not add vintage bedside table lamps to your bedroom to finish off the look?  You can choose to buy them as working antiques, have them fixed to work or buy new lamps with a vintage look.  The vintage or vintage look lamps and lamp shades you choose will create an old world atmosphere in your boudoir. 

No matter what era of vintage lamps you select for your bedroom you will have the style that reflects your taste. The vintage look includes many eras and looks to fit your personality.

Vintage bedside table lamps can be Victorian, or any era from the 1920s to the 1970s.  The hottest and most retro look in bedside lamps come right out of the sixties and have double purposes.  First, these lamps provide light for your bedroom and second, they give your room a sixties environment. 

The Victorian look offers an old world romance feel and atmosphere for your bedroom oasis.  You can buy these vintage bedside lamps from any era at auctions, online stores, retail department stores, or retail specialty lighting stores.  No matter what your choice your bedroom will have the decor and lighting that is best suited to you.